About Programmai

Programmai is a deep learning solution that predicts individual customer behaviour & outcome, for use across MarTech & AdTech.

Programmai is successfully helping drive incremental revenues for ecommerce brands using deep learning to predict their future most valuable customers. This allows them to be more efficient with their marketing & advertising by nurturing the right customers at the right time to generate high lifetime value. Programmai’s software increases the ROI of existing marketing technologies by providing forward-looking intelligence around each customer to optimise for.

Our Highlights

  • Deep Learning software that uses a Neural Network to learn quickly about your customer, product & sales in order to make individual customer predictions
  • An intelligence layer that empowers your existing MarTech & AdTech stack
  • A focus on incremental lift, we test our predictive method against a control group
  • Business goal orientated, we reduce inefficiency while increasing lifetime value


Our Tech Stack

At Programmai we are agnostic for our tech stack, we want to be able to work with our clients existing tech stacks and become an intelligence layer that powers it.